Upcoming Projects

Hi guys!


Really happy to announce that after many many MANY revisions my Song of Ice and Fire series is complete. I think I could have done some better planning at the start of the project so I didn’t waste so much time going back and redrafting but hey with each project I undertake I learn a new lesson so I can’t be too precious about it.

With that project out of the way there’s no time for me to dilly-dally as I’m constantly striving to improve my portfolio. I’m currently undertaking the Stereohype button badge competition but as the deadline isn’t until Spetember, I’m working on it as and when inspiration strikes for the time being. I’ve really wanted to try my hand at animating my illustration so I’ve decided on the GIRAF 13 International Festival to enter a short animated piece by mid-July. I’m hoping having a short term project and long-term project running in tandem won’t be too difficult to juggle. No idea what I’m going to showcase yet as its an open brief entry but we shall see how things develop in the coming weeks!


Watch this space folks!




Hi guys!


I know its been absolutely ages since I’ve updated this! I’ve had a few struggles with my mental health the past few months and getting my medication dosages right has been a tough journey. I’ve not let it get me down though and I’m doing my best to get my Song of Ice and Fire project developed. I reckon I’m at about the halfway point right now, there are still minor adjustments I’d like to make to them but right now I’m focusing the majority of my efforts on actually finishing at least the initial designs for A Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons….I have a lot of splits at work coming up so hopefully will get the initial illustrations for those done then!


Speak soon!




YCN Progress


Hi guys!

Only just now getting back into the swing of things after Christmas but don’t worry I have plenty of exciting projects lined up! I hope you enjoy this wrapping paper design, the latest instalment in my YCN 2017 brief for UK Greetings. I wanted to stick with the existing colour scheme so the project ties nicely together. I also think red, green and gold is overdone so I wanted to treat people to an alternative to the usual Christmas colours.

Can’t wait to see it all come together, just one more wrapping paper sample and a gift bag to design and it’s ready for submission. I also have a Game of Thrones book cover planned, and if it proves good enough I may expand it into the entire series.

Watch this space!



Pan Macmillan Great Britain in Colour Competition!

Folks, I’m really pleased to announce I have earned a runner-up prize in Pan Macmillan’s “Great Britiain in Colour” competiton with my entry of a depiction of Battersea power station. The reason I chose Battersea was initially inspired by it’s use on the cover for “Animals” an album by one of my favourite bands, Pink Floyd. Eventually this sparked research into what other uses it has had as a backdrop to the arts, despite being a heavily industrial building. This included Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, Batman The Dark Knight,  Alfred Hitchcock’s Sabotage, Richard III starring Ian McKellen and also as the Ark of Arts in Children of Men.



Soapbox Press interview

Morning guys,

Its been a crazy few weeks preparing to start my new job and out of the blue I was approached by a creative blog known as Soapbox Press to do an interview about my work and what graduate creative life is like.

You can check it out here: https://soapboxpress.org.uk/2016/10/25/sarah-adair/

Little Wing Colouring sheet is yet to be finalised but I will share this with you when it’s done!

That’s all for now


Colouring sheets in progress….

Hi folks!

After being away on a few weeks holiday and also being very busy with job interviews I haven’t been updating much so sorry! I’m proud to announce my first exciting freelance job for Little Wing Pizzeria is well and truly under way…keep your eyes peeled for these in the coming future!

Ta-ta for now,