Semester 2, Week 4,5&6

I seem to have omitted week 4, but seeing as I was off sick for the majority of that week there isn’t a lot to report other than I finalised my digital YCN designs!

So this week has been…a crazy one to say the least. My boyfriend was in A&E with a fractured arm (which has also meant taking on most of the household chores) as well as being in my part time job covering for someone. So this week hasn’t been as productive as I would have liked. I did however manage to finish up YCN for the time being last weekend, printing out and applying my designs to physical bottles, and even designing and printing a card wrap to go around them:


20160219_131602 20160219_131627 20160219_131554


I also got back working at D&AD as best I could and considering how hectic things have been this week I’m please with the progress I’ve made and I feel well on the way to making good progress. I experimented more with scale and layout and after speaking to my tutor I think I need to research more into the story and have more scenery and symbolism going on, for example this week I’ve developed Persephone’s hair so that it flows into the River Styx (the river that divided the mortal world and underworld, according to Greek mythology):


20160222_163015digital mock up final


On top of this, I’ve also been asked to design a logo and Facebook cover for someone who has just set up her own craft framing business the prototype of which I’ve sent out this weekend. I wanted to use my illustration skills to portray the hand-made aspect of her business:


sarah logo work high res-01

I’ve included Week 6 in the title because I don’t know what work I’ll get done because I’ll be in Amsterdam and then its my birthday but hopefully I’ll get some more D&AD done next weekend as the deadline is the week after that and I need to get a move on.

See you next time!



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