Week 10

It is the first week of the Easter holidays but I’ve had my nose to the grindstone! With the submission for Pan Macmillan in just under a month’s time I’ve got no time to waste.

I’ve drawn up my schedule and got down to some serious research. Illustrating for children is not something I’ve done before so just like John Lewis I need to look at how its already done by professionals before attempting anything myself.

The only thing I know about my project for sure is that it’s going to be a bilingual book aimed at 5-7 year olds to make learning Irish more fun. Unfortunately, my writer has been away at the USI conference this week so she hasn’t had time to get in touch with me but I’m hoping to grab her next week after I’ve had a break over Easter weekend. This hasn’t inhibited me from research and some early ideas and will at least give us somewhere to start when writing the story.I spent a lot of time this week just looking at books and websites on children’s illustration and trying to get a feel for the field, the type of art style I should be looking to lean towards etc. and also, obviously, at the work of some well-known children’s illustrators such as Oliver Jeffers, Quentin Blake and Jon Klassen. I feel now I’ve done this I’ve got a strong reference point to work from when it comes towards laying out my own picture book towards the end of next week.

My business cards also arrived from moo.com and they look great! I didn’t want anything too flashy, just my brand on one side and contact details on the other, the detail is in the edging, a black coloured edge to reflect the black outlines I do in my work! Very excited to get into doing my CV and Website next week!



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