Week 16

I finally feel happy with my YCN portraits! I approached them as pure illustrative portraits rather than as part of a design and I think they’re looking good. I knew I wasn’t 100% happy with them and I’m glad I made the extra effort, here they are:


I’m printing them on a paper called Mohawk Felt and will be arranged onto a shelf as a set for my show. There will be another shelf below that with postcards with a sample of my Ulster University project (which will be on full display downstairs) an octopus I drew for a personal project and two images from my animation. These will be set under an A1 giclée print (which I’m picking up this Wednesday coming) containing my Macmillan project…I can’t wait to see it all come together!


The boxes for my A3 rough work have only arrived this weekend so once I’ve painted my allocated space I can get on with making sure all is neat and tidy for the examiner and for anyone who wants to take a peek while the exhibition is on.  I’ve also got two A2s and my D&AD piece to print which I’m getting done at the Ream as Northside does not offer Mohawk Felt in large format and has limited options for A2 poster. I’d like to have all the final printing done and dusted for the examiner but as dummy prints are allowed for examination purposes I can always get it done at Windsor Graphics on plain paper until the real thing arrives.


The only thing I didn’t get done this week (due to social commitments) was my animation but I’m planning to get that done by the end of today so that I can get the stills printed alongside my Stormont piece. They will both be A2 and set flat at either side of my table. I’m not sure about whether I want D&AD or my dissertation in the middle as I don’t want my table to be too “flat” but I’ll see how things look and can tweak accordingly between the hand in and the show.


Got my roller and tray ready for tomorrow, very excited to start putting this show together!

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