Upcoming Projects

Hi guys!


Really happy to announce that after many many MANY revisions my Song of Ice and Fire series is complete. I think I could have done some better planning at the start of the project so I didn’t waste so much time going back and redrafting but hey with each project I undertake I learn a new lesson so I can’t be too precious about it.

With that project out of the way there’s no time for me to dilly-dally as I’m constantly striving to improve my portfolio. I’m currently undertaking the Stereohype button badge competition but as the deadline isn’t until Spetember, I’m working on it as and when inspiration strikes for the time being. I’ve really wanted to try my hand at animating my illustration┬áso I’ve decided on the GIRAF 13 International Festival to enter a short animated piece by mid-July. I’m hoping having a short term project and long-term project running in tandem won’t be too difficult to juggle. No idea what I’m going to showcase yet as its an open brief entry but we shall see how things develop in the coming weeks!


Watch this space folks!



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