Week 11

After a much-needed break over Easter weekend I started the week off with doing a bit of career research, reading “How to be an Illustrator” by Darrel Rees and currently reading “Steal Like an Artist” and “Show your Work!” by Austin Kleon. I have found these very helpful contributions towards my next steps after final year. Sadly, I didn’t get the time to research web design yet but I have a few ideas about illustrating some navigation buttons…



I also did some research into Illustration agencies and where I might like to apply to be once my degree is over. I made a list, noting whether they were accepting applications, their location, if they had any illustrators similar to myself and other notes like how big their representation was.


The ones I’ve decided to prioritise applying for when I have my website sorted out are Hear Agency, Eye Candy Illustration, Handsome Frank, Agency Rush, Illozoo, Inky Illustration and Owl Illustration…unless my tutors reckon otherwise!

As for work my writer got back to me with her script- its a little long but I reckon I can pare it back for the average 6-8 year old.I managed to get my first set of illustrations done this week …I’ve deicded in terms of process to resarch as I go along, and get the images sorted first as they’re what I’ll be judged most fiercely on. Then once my images are finalised I will start to consider typography and layout. I’m hoping two and a half weeks will be enough time to finish, chop and change what I must and also provide the rough complete storyboard/book dummy for the competition deadline on the 19th!


first spread images

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