Week 13

This week I managed to finish off my first two Macmillan spreads- it took a bit of fiddling to get them just right but now I feel I have the confidence to get the other two finished before Tuesday. I also have the storyboard to rough up which I hope to do in loose ink and watercolour, with the type indicating what’s happening in the story.


spread 2 redraft

spread 3

Once that’s done on Tuesday I will then look at which projects from the last year I’d like to revisit- or if I have time to undertake another short project before the end of year show (maybe a short moving image, as my portfolio currently lacks my After Effects skills.) I will discuss this with my tutors on Wednesday¬†and figure out a plan of action after that.

I also finally got around to compiling my CV, Cover Letter template and Website (as you can see). I feel like a simple layout is key as I don’t want them outshining my actual work.

Well that’s all for now, lots to do and so little time to write about it!

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