Week 17- Final Preparations

Well here it is the final week of my degree…its been madness all week trying to juggle last minute changes with getting things printed. We started off this week by working together to curate our show and allocate spaces which was done fairly by picking names out of a hat. We then had to paint our tables and uprights to ensure they are immaculate for exhibiting our work. Once that was done I collected my A1 giclĂ©e print (which looks brilliant, though I think I might trim the sides) and ordered my A2 prints, which are arriving at my house tomorrow. I’ve also received my postcards which I ordered as well:



I’m going to purchase moulding for shelves for my exhibition as well as velcro to attach everything into place tonight. I’m getting my boyfriend (who works in the Student’s Union of the university) to help me put up my show on Saturday as I’ll require another person to help me put things up straight. Looking forward to see it all coming together at last!


I’ll probably not partake in another personal blog update for a while, sticking to just posting things I like or find inspirational. But looking back on all my rough work (which I sorted through yesterday) I’m proud that I’ve come on so well. From starting out a bit afraid, not really knowing what my style is (a term I still find disputable) to finding a few ways of working that I find thoroughly enjoyable. Of course I won’t stop experimenting with my personal work! But my new employers ,with whom I start work with next Monday, liked it so I’ll continue to build on it in the working world when I can. I’m looking forward to starting my new job and enetering the next phase of my professional life!

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