Week 7

After Amsterdam and a bout of the flu, spent this week catching up with D&AD and pushing to get it finished by the deadline on the 16th of March. I’m pleased to say it is now finished with a few days spare to get together my research material and a presentation for submission.

final final submission

I just need to add a few small tweaks such as the John Lewis logo and a link to their website and I’ll be good to go! I’ll spend some time this week going through the brief and making sure I’ve reached all the requirements.

I’m now undertaking a short project and then after next week I’ll be drawing up a schedule for Macmillan 2016 for a bilingual children’s book to make learning Irish fun and easy for the 8-10 year old age group…exciting stuff!

I also have undertaken some part time working doing Photoshop for a fashion company in Belfast…not the most creative stuff but definitely something to hone my software skills and to put on my CV.


That’s all for now,


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