Week 9- Ulster Uni Project

With D&AD out of the way I could finally focus on my week-long short project: “Ulster Universiy: A Civic Building” the brief was none too inspiring but one question caught my eye: “What does it meant to be part of Belfast School of Art?” It was originally going to be a piece of satire, calling out some of the major hypocrisies of how the University is run (for example, axing 200 teaching staff only to appoint an over-paid PVC with a flashy title with, no doubt, a six figure salary)

…but then the Brussels terror attacks happened on Tuesday the next week. And I knew there were more important things in the world to make comment on. “Make Art, Not War” is a well-known protest slogan, but I also felt it is my duty as not only an illustrator but straight-up an artist to do my bit to make the world a better place through my work. I can only hope one day that the only red on the streets of the world is red paint.

Update: I have since developed this project so below are the three stages of development from initial outcome to final outcome.





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